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Rainbow is like a ever-altering fireworks

 andres iniesta jerseyRainbow is like a at any time-switching fireworks, flickering, for some men and women, aiming at the earlier, some folks imagine it is scarce treasures, but for me, I will be cautious observation, Andres Iniesta Jersey till the disappearance of … …

I appeared out the window, dark clouds out of the window, as if the grey environment was shrouded, then, began to pour down the rain, my blue bored temper, like the outside of the raindrops like the rapid rush down, which will make me additional To be cost-free … … I imagined that I was a happy and lively fowl, Luis Suarez Jersey imprisoned in a darkish, moist cages, I wanted no cost! Abruptly, the sky was shining and the rainbow appeared! The rainbow created my heart opened!

The rain is like a fairy place on a colourful lotus, for the unlimited sky, the sky is full of rain, Draw a bridge, for the sky with the colour, for the human left a gorgeous mark. Why the rainbow so stunning, some men and women have a glimpse absent, and I from time to time quietly standing beneath the eaves, watching the colour purple, the difficulty thrown to the end of the rainbow.

I hope we can cherish this earth, so that the rainbow carries on, leaving the descendants can also see this lovely all!

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